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After 10 years of leading architectural practice, Illia Temnov, with the support of Koss Turbin, founded "M3 architects" in early 2017. "M3 architects" is an evolution of many of the ideals, practices and systems developed in those fertile grounds of architectural engagement but with the distinctive flavour that our team brings to projects.

"M3 architects" is an architectural and interior design bureau dedicated to producing exceptional and beautiful solutions to the challenges and opportunities offered by our clients and projects. All our projects are underpinned by a rigorous process of solution-based application in our ongoing quest to produce, elegant, sustainable anti-formulaic buildings, spaces, installations and objects that exceed client expectations and make a meaningful contribution to the experience of owner, user and observer.

Architecture and interior design projects

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As an architectural bureau we strive for a diversity of aesthetic and experiential outcomes and a highly relevant environment for the client.
To achieve this, on every job, we undertake an extensive research and brief development stage with clients to unlock the individual opportunities of the project. This process helps gain a proper understanding of the project context, its inhabitants and the activities within.
Furthermore, every project is grounded in solid principles of functionality and social and environmental sustainability. From this point the fun can take over and each job can be unique with moments of delight and elements of the unexpected.

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