How to create interior in minimalist style


      There is a very common question among our clients – is it possible to design an interior by yourself? We are sure that everything is possible. You should understand what atmosphere you want to reach and just trust your taste and intuition. This article will help you understand main aspects of creating beautiful surrounding. Let’s take a look at plan of action using the examples of flat interiors made in minimalistic style.

      The 1st stage is developing the atmosphere. This is one of the most interesting moments of the whole interior developing process. You should imagine feelings and mood that you want to have being in the interior. As soon as you get that feeling and those impressions, you feel the clear concept of the interior’s style. Then you will realize how to organize the functional layout, you will see that some things are of higher importance than others.

      The 2nd stage involves going from general to details, from the concept to the straight action. At this point you should define zone planning and choose the color scheme. This stage helps you to choose materials, lighting, furniture and decorations.

– Functional zoning divides your interior into separate areas. Every area should correspond to your requirements. As a rule we can mention 2 general areas. There are two main areas: private (bedroom, study, lavatory, clothes room) and public one (kitchen, hallway, living room, lavatory for guests). The zoning plan should fit your lifestyle. You should remember some features:
– Functional areas should be adapted to your day schedule maximally (for example if you want to get up earlier the bedroom’s window should be oriented to the East).
1. Private area should be placed at the furthest and the most silent part of the apartment.
2. You should plan the rooms in the way that corresponds to your general schedule of the day. If somebody wakes up earlier than the others his/her room should be closer to the public area.
3. You should divide the space into 2 separate parts. Private area should be separated from the public area.

      The color scheme is built under the next principles: all walls are better to be colored in the same color shade. The walls’ color is chosen depending on the size of the room. It’s allowed to use mirrors and reflecting surfaces to extend the space. One should remember that walls are a perfect background for modern art and your favorite decorations. So try to leave it as simple as possible.

      There’s a common rule to leave the ceilings flat and white. It’s allowed to leave them in concrete if it’s harmonized with the surrounding. The ceiling is lowered if it is functionally demanded.

      Flooring as a rule is made of natural wood or stone. The textures imitation is allowed in case you have no opportunity to use natural materials. Sometimes famous branded hi-level ceramogranite is being used.

If you like the wooden floor you should choose the color and the type of wood and then the size of timber. Try to choose natural shades so that the wood looks noble and natural.

As an example as for the choice of floors and ceilings you can take a look at the flat interior in Valencia created by architectural group Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

      – The lighting is directed by the room and it’s function. It’s important to combine the day light and the function of electricity light. You should carefully analyze the light during the day and night. According to your observations make the issues to the electric light. There are some features here:
1. You should remember that lighting can be functional and decorative. It’s important to use the accent light.
2. Try to use all features of the daylight. The soft reflected light ideally communicates to the light (especially in the moody weather) connected to the functional general lighting.
3. If necessary you can use perimeter lightning. The light should be mounted into the surface of ceiling.

As an example you can take a flat interior in Valencia created by architectural group Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Interior Atico en Blasco Ibanez, Valencia, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The solution of bedrooms is designed by architect Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

      – Furniture solutions should be developed according to the main principle of minimalism – maximum of the open space. That’s why it is better to choose functional and mobile furniture. You should be oriented to the simple geometrical and technical furniture items. The color scheme should be related to the general color board: light colors, white, grey, black colors. It’s allowed to use pastel shades and bright accents. Light colors are combined with bright monocolors.

      – Decorations. You can reach different goals using proper decorations.
The first one is space. All functional zones should be connected to each other by the core of the interior. As usual the core is the decoration that is organically integrated into the hall, living room or kitchen. The second one is function. For example the wooden partition between two rooms can hide the storages. You can use the accent light for the decorations.

As an example you can take a flat interior in Valencia created by architectural group Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

For example: Tribeca Loft, New York. Trimble Architecture

For instance, decorations in the interior of Tribeca Loft, New York, Trimble Architecture

Another example is interior created by bureau IXTRA

Interior 3E in China created by the group Vector Architects

For example: Stora Sjöfallet, Stockholm, Sweden, Joliark Architects.

      The third stage is details. You can use your favorite things, especially if you have got the vintage things or hi-end ultramodern technologies. You can use pieces of modern art, photos, wall decorations or something interesting but it should be limited, not too much. We recommend to leave walls clear at first to cover them with decorations than correspond to your mood. Don’t forget about the trends and modern solutions, the interior should be up-to-date.

For example: Cornwall Mews interior, London, England, Alma-nac Architects.

      Some examples of the minimalistic elements are: simple geometrical furniture, classical armchairs from the 30s, modern technological lighting. All these can make your place light and functional.

For example, furniture solutions for bedroom: Casa entre la Pinands, paterna, Valencia, FRAN SILVESTRE ARQUITECTOS

Examples of furniture-making in the interiors of the studio Fran Silvestre Arqquitects


Examples of furniture-making in the interiors of the studio Fran Silvestre Arqquitects

For example for the color scheme we can mention wood, metal, natural stones, leather.

      So now you have got basic knowledge for developing your own minimalistic place. Now you know how to organize the interior according to the rules of minimalism, how to choose furniture and decorations. You know now what you should avoid and what you should prefer first. You should remember the main idea that will help you and can be a main question to check up yourself: how is the place naturally lit and comfortable? We hope that our experience will help you avoid common mistakes and will save your time and money.