Mobile interior decor, or why do we need decorations


The decorations is like a cherry on the cake. All the preparation and construction work is done. There are couple of finishing touches are left. This stage is one of the most pleasant part of the repaint. The wrong choice of the decorations can nullify even the most refined and sophisticated interior. If the wall art doesn’t suit the interior it can damage the impression of the huge work on the interior.

The main idea of the decoration is to create your own atmosphere where you can feel warm and cozy. The decorations work on the space, emphasize what is already there, add accents.

Gilles & Boissier © Architects use large format art-works to create a particular mood in the space

So let’s see what can be attributed to the decorations: – pillows – blankets – pictures – sculptures – Decorative lighting – dishes – souvenirs – carpets – vases – Cushioned furniture – curtains – Books, magazines – Sockets, switches, fittings – mirrors – pots – books – Flowers, fruits – boxes   We offer a list of rules that can save you from unnecessary purchases.   1. Evaluate an existing situation. What is it without the decorations? Examine the main color scheme, the wall’s color, the predominant materials of floors, walls, ceilings and the light intensity. Mentally remove all statues, paintings, pillows, if they are already settled there. Check the necessary measurements of the space: width, length, height of ceilings, window’s size. Make the necessary measurements of the space: width, length, height of ceilings, window sizes. Feel where there is a lack of something, and then decide what it can be. To avoid impulse purchases base on the need, but not on the desire to buy something interesting.

The interior from NS-ARCHITECTS © studio

2. Similar to fashion design should be based on the fundamentals rather than on trends. Trends follow one another annually. It sounds trivially but give preference to neutral colors and natural materials. We recommend to pay attention to such colors like beige, sand, gray, white, colors that you can find in the nature color scheme.

Architect Gilles & Boissier © choose the decorations in one color scheme, use semitones.

3. You can change the overall mood of the space by using textile. If you use the neutral color scheme of the space it is easy to get prepared to a party or summer season adding bright pillows and blankets. The shape and size of pillows are also important and they should be in a harmony with the overall style of the interior. In general try to find the main idea of the decorations- color, style or shape.

The example of interesting textile solutions you can find in the interiors of Pierre Yovanovitch © architect.

4. Wall art or prints. If it is necessary use different wall art: prints with a passe-partout, art- work without framing, photos, gypsum or wooden art-work, works of the modern art.

The example of interesting wall art you can find in the interiors of Pierre Yovanovitch © architect.

The interior from NS-ARCHITECTS © studio.

      It is important to remember the ideal height for the placement of paintings: 145-152 centimeters from the floor. It is easy to emphasize some object by directed accent light.   There is a secret in the selection of framing: if the art-work is large – it is better to abandon a frame, but if the art-work is small use a wide deep framing with a passe-partout. Symmetrical composition suits minimalistic style but the oil paintings matches classic or eclectic interior . However, it is always the improvisation. And remember, there are not ready-made solutions. Try to feel what can make your interior individual.   5. Mirrors expand the space and reflect the light. Take an advantage of this and combine mirror with a table or floor lamp. This solution can make a cozy and warm atmosphere, especially in the evening.

The interior from Gilles & Boissierа © studio.

6. A couple of albums by famous photographers or classic literature always emphasize the idea of interior and can become an excellent accent. Books can also be a color accent, they will add a sense of space and the individuality. Even if you do not like to read you can leaf through the book and be inspired by the pictures.

The interior from Gilles & Boissierа © studio.

7. Prints and patterns. Do not limit yourself by the same type of prints (only strip, just plain, checked). Try to combine pillows and blankets with the different patterns but into 1 color scheme. Or use one or two colors but into two different patterns.   8. Symmetry can add the character to the interior. Sometimes it is enough to put two lamps on the console symmetrically. Or also you can use two vases with same shape but with a different patterns.


Inspiring interiors from Gilles & Boissierа © studio.

9. Fresh fruits and flowers in a beautiful vase can change the atmosphere, as well as fresh flowers. It is easy to pick up a harmonious ensemble of the pots and vases if you like plants.

      Despite the variety of opportunities and decoration try to save space mobile and do not overload it. However if there are a lot of decorations in your space try to divide it into two groups / collections and use them alternately (changing season, for example).

You can find a lot of inspiring minimalistic interiors at the web site Simpicity Love.©

      The entire decor beauty is that it is easy to change the atmosphere of your place with small details connected to your mood and wishes. You can even get a new interior.