About vacation at home or what is the lounge

     So what are we dreaming about after or even during the active and productive day? About relaxing in a magic quiet place. We are looking for a comfortable cosy spot. Ideally this place is your home. To be honest it is not the ordinary house but the lounge interior.

The word “lounge” means a place for rest and relaxation. Also the word can describe a couch, sofa, celebration, leisure. So the main idea of the lounge interior is total relaxation created by peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Trace will tell you how to arrange in his apartment a real kingdom of relaxation.

1. Functional zoning

Life consists not only of relaxing so it is not necessary to transform all interior into lounge area. Choose just one area.

As a rule it is better to choose a bedroom or a living room for the lounge area. You can like the idea of a lounge area in the bathroom which could be combined with your bedroom.

Functional zoning is based on the main idea of relaxation. Use proper light, color, shape and geometry of all the items.

Basically you need to create the atmosphere where you can relax. It seems that sofa and wi-fi are all you need.
In fact this task should be developed not only by the furniture.
Psychologists and physiologists are involved into developing such interiors like lounge.
Each specialist helps to create as relaxing atmosphere as possible.

2. Color

Thanks to psychological research we know that we can obtain relaxing atmosphere using warm green, dark blue, light blue, green blue colors. These colors help to restore nervous system, get rid of fatigue and stress.
Threrefore choose smooth warm colors that are close to natural shades. It is common to use dark shades in lounge interiors. It can create night atmosphere. So you will not be surprised by the dark color ceilings. Be open-minded! You should try such ideas. Maybe this is exactly what you need.

3. Materials

When you choose the color scheme and the wall decoration you should keep in mind natural shades. It concerns the flooring and wall materials and decorations.
Cotton and linen are ideal for sofas and cushions. Natural stone and wood are perfect for flooring. Wood is suitable for the furniture and the partitions.
It is important to make the accent to your tactile sensations of the materials.
For example imagine the wooden floor or floor made of natural stone. So you can use the soft smooth carpet above it. So your feet are lapped in the carpet. Can you imagine it? Each item should help you feel relaxed and bring you positive feelings.

4. Shape

You should follow the smooth lines in interior decoration. They subconsciously are associated with nature, softness. The visual effect of the smoothness causes an effect that helps you to relax and feel calmness. When you choose furniture items or the decorations you should avoid the strait angles in the room.

5. Furniture items

Traditionally the center of a composition is the sofa (it was not complicated to guess by the name of the style “lounge”). You can build all the lounge area using the modular sofa. You can combine the units in many kinds of the geometry: at an angle, in the semicircle, on perimeter, as you wish. The good benefit is the large number of cushions: the more the better. If you would like to create the lounge bedroom you should think about special ergonomic mattresses.

6. Lighting

To achieve relaxation effect you should use a multilevel ceiling with muffled light. A good idea is to create play of light due to local sources of lighting. It is allowed to use the functional ceiling’s decrease for mounted and reflected lighting. Use the reflected light to create soft warm atmosphere.
It is important to use black out curtains to reduce penetration of natural light. It is useful to get screen curtains.
Take into consideration technical equipment of the interior. You should aquip the lounge area with the sensors and remote controls, to control the gadgets distantly.

7. Decorations

While developing the lounge interior it is very important to follow the principles of minimalism. Avoid overloading the space with accessories. In decorating lounge interior it is common to use low furniture, decorative cushions, cozy armchairs, poufs. As decoration items you can use lamps of famous brands (remember about the smooth shape and bionic geometry).

8. Lounge bathroom

For the bathroom decoration choose the modern sanitary equipment. Afford yourself hydromassage shower, music, aromatherapy. All these are under the software control. This software controls the water intensity, flavors, lighting and even music. You can reach complete peace in a few moments in such a room.

Were you inspired while reading?

So now find time to create a paradise place in your house. Give yourself a present – a place of total emotional and physical rebooting. It is important to remember that lounge area doesn’t need complex changes in all the house. Basically you should choose a cozy color scheme, hide the strict geometry and be careful with light. A couple of cozy armchairs or poufs and soft carpet with cushions can be the beginning of your lounge area.
Remember that you should create a comfortable place to relax there when you want to.