Type: Architecture, Interior Design
Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Total area: 351.8 sq.m.
Project year:  2017

Urban architecture becomes admirable when it includes both innovative design solutions and respect for the historical context, and also contains the prerequisites for the architecture of the future. The evolution of the urban environment determines the opportunities and economic growth of society.
The design and proportions of the object allow placing objects of various functional purposes. The project is able to accommodate public objects such as a restaurant, a shop, an office, a mock-shop, a lecture hall, a cafe, and even apartments, which will help to increase the level of service and tourism opportunities. The example of the restaurant shows the proportions of the building, the space-planning solution and functional zoning. The city module can be a 3, 4 and 5 storey building, where, if necessary, the top floor can be made in the form of a terrace. Constructions: Iron-concrete frame with filling of walls with foam blocks. Ventilation is made by means of dedicated air ducts and inflow exhaust ventilation system and air-conditioning . Materials: Available economical materials are used in the project, such as: micro-concrete, self-leveling floor, laminated panels, perforated mesh, aluminum window systems.