Type: IT Office
Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Total area:  350 sq.m.
Project year: 2018

While working on the project office of the IT company, we set ourselves the task of creating a modern functional space with a minimum of distractions elements, so that teams can concentrate on their projects as much as possible. In addition to the two open-space zones, the reception area, a kitchen and coffee point, a recreation area, a conference room are located in the office. Small meetings for two or three participants can also be held at a round table in the meeting rooms. For employees and guests of the office there are two separate wardrobes. The basic colors of the interior are white and gray. Against the backdrop of calm shades brightly highlighted saturated items – glass, pots, chairs in the meeting rooms. In the recreation area, employees can be distracted from work processes and discuss their business, interesting projects, as well as read an interesting book, sitting on a comfortable puff.