Type: Architecture
Location:  Victory Park, Nikolaev, Ukraine
Total area: 42 ha.
Year: 2019

During more than half a century Nikolaev Victory Park is one of the main places for leisure activities, walks and beach recreations of citizens. Easy transport accessibility, picturesque location, green massifs and a reflection of the urban silhouette in the surface of the Ingul River provide the park high local popularity. But any environment in an urban context needs constant development and implementation of fresh solutions for ensuring and updating public interest.

We have analyzed and identified some flaws in the existing area: inaccessibility for people with limited mobility, low pedestrian traffic, the absence of continuous pedestrian and bicycle transit between the southern and northern parts of the park, as well as lack of leisure zones and park improvement services. But the main issue, which prevented the park from becoming a tourist attraction was the loss of the general idea, structure and development of the territory canvas, representing in general an insecure and unfriendly environment.

Based on the above factors, we have created a river embankment with walking avenues, fountain, pontoons, small outlets hidden among green spaces and gazebos for family holidays to preserve traditions and citywide rhythm of life. The summer theater and cinema have been restored and lovers of prose, poetry, theatrical art and music will find various events for themselves in the amphitheater, arranged in the existing relief. New peripheral paths have been added to the existing central alleys along which recreation and leisure areas are located. An observation platform has been created, enveloping the existing green spaces and revealing visitors a picturesque view of the river. The transit hub with maintaining the authenticity of the site under the bridge of Heroev Stalingrada avenue was created with the purpose of implementing seamless transit communication and creating a complete park structure.

A new vision of the park motivates visitors to search, explore, find, be filled with emotions and repeat your journey again which gives plot, general meaning and interest for visitors of all age categories.