Your Home like a Meditation Space

      Home- there is a place where we find a harmony and peace. That’s ideally. Every space is ready to share as much energy as we had invested there before. Sometimes even more. We are happy to teach you how to create a space where you can relax and restore so efficiently like during meditation.

Windhover Contemplative Center / Aidlin Darling Design

      Meditation is an effective practice for relaxing and concentration that can free our mind from thoughts and uneasiness. Meditation calms and harmonizes you. Regular practice of meditation increases good mood, teaches you how to ignore stress, strengthens your will and character, helps to improve memory. Main thing in meditation is the ability to look soberly and impartially at yourself and at your environment. Regular practice of meditation also eliminates the veil of illusions. Let’s look at same aspects but in case of your home!


      Just imagine that your home is the extension of your body borders. And your home is the extension of You. It is easier and more interesting to work with the space in that case. Our body needs care and attention as we do. Our home effects positive to us when we look after it carefully. It is important to create your home according to your assumption of the desired lifestyle. Try to feel who you are. Who do you want to be? For example, when you come home you want to drink a hot tea and feel relaxed first. When the kitchen or living room was created in the light warm natural color scheme you can forget about daily routine very quickly.

      In the beginning try to choose a soft and overlying couch and armchairs. They should be functional and ergonomic. Materials upholstery should be nice visually and to the touch. It is a temptation to use decorative cushions, coverlets and rugs. But be strong! Can you trust that you will use them or it is just a race to seasonal trends and novelties?

Apartments/ Rifé

      Choose natural color and material to cover floors and walls. It’s important to use natural color scheme. Exactly such colors make you feel relaxed and calm. Soft light (warm shades) will make a cozy atmosphere. When you plan lightning scheme you should remember about the ability to change lightning power. We use dimmers or different lightning groups very often. This will help you to create the right mood and atmosphere in a few seconds. Pre-plan details that will attract your attention, contrasting with a general background of calm. Create accents, use compositions of sculptures and decoration items that were brought from journeys. Sometimes it is enough to use spotlights to highlight the essential elements of the interior.

Holiday house / Shinichi Ogawa

      Wall-mounted aquariums are often regarded as an accent. So currently we came to the next part of a meditation – the concentration.

What is happening during meditation!?

      By concentrating on your breathing, fire or another special object we free our mind of unnecessary thoughts. There is the same situation with your space. It is important to free your home from unnecessary things.

Holiday house / Shinichi Ogawa

      The surrounding space can adjust to certain emotions and shape your mood just like music. When you realize this relationship you will regulate your mood and status.

Holiday house / Rife Design

      As an example let’s remember the typical situation when unconscious buying happen. Than you can see a heap of souvenirs, magnets, sculptures at the same place. There is nothing difficult to understand which thing make a mess. Also remember about the dishes and cups from all over the world that you can find on a prominent place.

      Probably you are fine in your space and you feel warm and cozy. You even like to experience the same emotions and memories from the past. But what is about new gifts? To clear space means that it is great to make an honest sober revision. It is great to free your home for something new at least. It is much easier to concentrate in unpolluted space.

Apartments / OOA Architects

      Don’t make the repair to change the atmosphere at your home. Sometimes you can follow the list of ideas to bring new mood into your space. You will be surprised how it is easy to wake up in the morning and feel warmness in the evening after busy day.


      — Follow the idea to save maximum open space. — Make an audit of all old things. — Avoid curtains and rugs. — Try to clean all surfaces of the souvenirs and sculptures. Make the accents with favorite things- arts, sculptures or paintings (less than 3 items). — Paint walls into light colors. Use natural materials. — Organize lightning into different levels. Use general lightning, direct lights, accent lights. There is a good idea to use wall and floor lamps. Don’t forget about nice table lamps.

Rife Design

      Select the place where you can relax and reboot. Try to feel what is needed to approach this. Is it a soft couch or an easel for painting? Perhaps it is a huge sofa and a projector. Based on your wishes collect the space taking into account a set of 3 basic elements: furniture, lighting, decoration.

Shinichi Ogawa

      So inhale-exhale. Relaxation and concentration. Conscious approaches to the formation of space where you can relax. This is the key to success. And remember that main idea of your home is to make you feel relaxed. An informed approach for development of your space can make wonders: you feel relaxed and fill up with the energy!