So we can sure you that we can call like an open space not only the office but the special type of the small apartment. We want to talk about the apartment that commonly called a studio. This type of an apartment became popular because of the economical situation. The main difference between the ordinary apartment and a studio is that there are no any partitions between the living room and the kitchen.

Get inspired interiors by Burnazzi Feltrin ©

The interior made like a studio became very popular because it’s possible to place everything you need on the small area. There is the opportunity of the partition cancellation. Every style has a bomber of requirements so the studio does. Keep them in mind:

1. Functional planning:

The first step in a developing of any space is the functional zoning. You should decide the place of any furniture and lightning. And should be connected to your lifestyle. But you should remember that every studio follows the idea of the one space between a kitchen and a living room. Also we have one recommendation for the functional planning: you should leave the small space for a hallway. It’s very important. You should place any art or some decorations in front of the door.


Example studio can peep at AKTA from Lithuania ©

There is one secret in The designing a bathroom. Choose a glass partition and heavy curtains for one of the walls. It expands the space. But if you are not so brave use only some parts of wall in the material of glass. The bathroom’s door also can be made of glass.

An example of multi-functional bathroom interior La Casa di Chiara e Stefano ©

It’s better to place the private area (bedroom, home office) in the fares and quite part of your apartment. To divide the bedroom from the living room it’s necessary to build a small partition. We like the idea to combine partition with a storage. You should divide the area connected to the idea of separate parts. You can use curtains and the furniture to divide the area. For example if you have a party you can combine the parts into 1 space. Also if you prefer the working at home you can use the huge community table can be your desk.

Forget the door to the bedroom in the interior Francesc Rifé Studio ©

A perfect example of a bedroom in the interior of Olga Akulova ©

At the same time family evenings can be warm and festive at the same table. This contains the idea of the mobile apartment transformer. It’s close to the Idea of a game for the adults.

2. Walls and flooring

We recommend the light colors and reflected surfaces in the way of comparing them all together. It will help you to expand the space.

As an example, the interior by Francesc Rifé Studio ©

Feel free for the experiments connected to the interesting structures and textures. For the wall decorations choose 1 bright color for the accent wall and suit it with pure white color. Flooring can be designed with warm materials. We recommend natural materials like wood, stone, ceramics. That’s a good desist on to minimize the color scheme from silver and white to grey and cocoa. This method combines different things all together. It can help you to combine different materials like metal , ceramics, leather, wood and the others.

3. Materials

Use natural materials for the finishes. They suits great and stylish very well. Natural materials looks great and make the good atmosphere. Also if you decided to cover walls and flooring in white don’t worry about the idea of a boring flat space. Use the brute modern details. It can be a modern art or the stylish sofa or armchair upholstery.

The combinations of materials and colors in the interior of Olga Akulova ©

4. Furniture.

In the public area it is better to focus on the couch. Upholstered furniture is the main element of a studio. Furniture can be like incredibly friendly or technic and mobile. It can be stylish. Give preference to the furniture, which can be transformed easily to a the desired shape or composition. Choose a multifunctional sofa. You may reach a handy functional atmosphere where you can put your lop-top or a cup of tea. Also do not forget about modern gadgets lice romote control. Create a comfortable and ergonomic space with ottomans, chairs, comfortable pillows and blankits.

Вдохновляйтесь интерьерами Vincent Van Duysen Architects ©

5. Lightning:

There is the special warm atmosphere can be design because of the light.

6. Details.

If you want to create a core of the interior choose a living room. It can be an art work or a big floor/pendant lamp. Or you can choose like a core of the space big community table. Keep in mind the details like furniture fittings and water mixers for a bathroom. They should be good designed and suit the main idea of the interior. For example you can use like a main detail of a bathroom the box chrome water mixer. Remember that small space looks better with lots of details.

Pay attention to fittings and mixers. Obligatory study of interiors is Vincent Van Duysen Architects ©


So we showed you a small and cozy studio that can seem a big and light space. We can rich such feeling using light colors in walls and flooring, minimizing partitions and doors, less curtains, natural materials and well organized lightning. We think you definitely can do it!