Why is loft so cool?


      Only a lazy person has not heard about loft style. But even those who know a lot about the style may omit some details. We want to share with you our love to loft. We will show you the best sides of this style. Exploring different styles and trends we noticed that loft has become another fancy style that combines a lot of decorations and functional solutions. But you should know that loft is the philosophy and it is very important to tell you how to create ideal, cozy and great minimalistic loft.

Find the inspiration with the EATAS interior

So what is loft? And why is loft so cool?

      Initially, «loft» is an American original word. We could call upper floor interiors lofts. The apartments were established in the factories and other industrial sites. Factories had to leave the main streets and move to the periphery of the cities. They left huge buildings empty. There were very low rentals in the buildings. It was much more affordable than high rentals in the ordinary buildings. Lofts quickly gained fame among bohemians.
It is very important to create right atmosphere into the loft interior. This is achieved through a special approach to work with space. You should use what you already have. If there are raw concrete floors and exposed pipes available, use them. Loft allows and encourages the secondary use of old materials. You can combine them with ultra modern techniques and materials. This style is a boundless playground for creativity.

The interior by Vincent Van Duysen Architects

So let’s start from the main things:

Functional zoning

      Loft supposes having open space. But it does not prevent you from dividing it into different zones.

      The first stage consists of planning. Determine the center of the composition. As the core you can use a fireplace, and a huge art object that you admire, or a huge window with a great view to the coastal area or the city. The next step is creating whole composition of the room (imagine which interior items you want to place, use decorations, lighting elements, they should suit each other). Collect all items and finish your composition in the future.

The example of combining authentic materials and a new volume into Mass Operations’s kitchen interior

We will describe a minimal set of functional areas in the loft.

      There are 2 types of areas that you should keep in mind: public area (that includes a kitchen, a living room, a dressing room) and private area (a bedroom, a study,a bathroom). All different kinds of areas are only up to your imagination.

      Loft is usually one large extended space combining a living room, a dining room and a kitchen at the same time. Use storage systems as the dividers between the functional areas.     Such storages are also very functional and logical. You can hide there a lot of things like clothes or dishes.
    Use the catwalks to put an accent on the living room area. Put sofas, chairs and armchairs on the catwalk. It creates unusual and impressive atmosphere.

For example, you can place the kitchen above the main floor level. This will create necessary zoning of the space.
You can find similar solutions in the interior that was developed by Mclaren excell architects

You can also arrange a mezzanine if the ceiling height allows to do such things. It helps to divide dining area and living room. This issue is solved in the inspiring interior, designed by A-DN

      The best decision for planning a bedroom is to place it in the most remote part of the apartment. It is allowed to build at least 1 wall because bedroom is sacred.

Do not be afraid to leave the open structure of walls or ceilings even if it is a bedroom. Be inspired with an excellent minimalist bedroom designed by architects EATAS

      It is better to organize several restrooms. One bathroom should be situated near your bedroom.
    The public restroom should be connected with a living room. Also keep in mind the idea to organize a bathroom combined with a wardrobe. The bath tube can be a free standing item.

A good example of the minimalist bathroom is in the loft developed by A-DN

      The main idea of planning the space is to let the space be formed by your feeling of comfort.
    If you prefer morning meditation to paries, just lay a yoga mat in this room. It will be enough.

Walls and floorings

      Do not be shocked by the bare skeleton of constructions. It is very common in lofts. Such solutions create space. Sometimes leaving rough concrete and metal columns without finishing it really cool! It is important to stick to harmony and balance.

      We recommend to leave a few walls in the original structure without finishing. This approach makes the space more livable on the one hand and emphasizes the untreated part of the loft on the other. This idea has its own charm.

      The flooring can be made of wood or concrete. Concrete is less useful for living so we focus on the wood. It can be used as one-color wood and the different breeds of wood to create a pattern of timbers. In some cases the gender of a timber pattern can completely change the proportions of the elongated space (timbers can visually shorten or expand the space). If you do not know what to do with the floor just paint it white.

An example of a perfect white floor is shown in the interior of A-DN Architects

The lighting

      Although loft suggests huge windows and a lot of the day light we recommend to use the accent light as well. It is also important in the particular areas like kitchen, study and living room.

      Use the spot lights and the pendant lamps on the highest level. The low level is commonly organized by the floor lamps, table and wall lamps.

Find some solutions in the loft developed by EATAS architects

Materials and textures

      The key materials are concrete, brick, wood and metal. You can choose any material from the 4 and combine them in the way you like. Material imitations are not allowed. That is not authentic. It also prevents original materials connected to the functional area.

      For example it is common to use plain concrete floorings. Why? People used to make concrete floorings into industrial spaces because it was functional and practical. This solution is the right choice for a living room.

So there is another way to organize flooring in the bedroom. It is more important to create cozy atmosphere. So we would recommend to use wooden flooring rather than concrete.

Explore good material solutions into Studio David ThulStrup interior

The example of combining 2 types of flooring in the interior of Cap-D architects

      The bathroom area allows using the ceramic granite. It is a functional durable waterproof material. It is a real gift for the architects of the 21st century. For toilets one can consider a ceramic floor tile or water-resistant teak planks.

Hans Verstuyft Architecten created a wonderful minimalist interior in Antwerp.
Minimalist bathroom solutions can spy on Office Online.

      Natural materials are important. They preserve the continuity principles of the loft «from industrial building — to the residential.» Or at least you simulate it. Also shaded concrete or brick structures with all streaks and cracks is very lively and fills the space with details emphasizing it.


      Terence Conran wrote that «On the sofa never will sit as many men, as it was designed for”
Double sofa is comfortable for two people, only if they are a couple.Otherwise they will feel uncomfortable. In the same way, a large triple sofa is suitable only for two.During the conversation people want to turn to each other. Furniture should not interfere with this. Two sofas, standing opposite each other, subconsciously adjust sitting people into confrontation. It is better to complement a group by the third item or expand it a bit. » This is probably is the best advice into planning a living room.

The great example of a living room that was divided into a living room and a dining area from the CARR architects

      For an open space, choose large furniture and different shapes to place into the open space. Try to avoid placing things on perimeter.

      Use the wall mounted cabinets or storages for books, magazines, CD-s. This type of architecture is the part of the architectural solutions. The free-standing cabinets can be a partition that divides the space into different areas.

Loft in Berlin by ASDFG

So, what was supplemented into your understanding of the loft?

There are key features:

-Authentic Walls in brick or concrete (there were no other types because of the technology of constructioning)
-Vintage or custommadefurniture that also can be used as a partition
-Big windows
-High Ceilings (up to 7 meters)

      We love loft because it creates organic space where a slight imperfection is permitted. That is very attractive. All types of spots, scratches, cracks, abrasions are the signs of life. These details give us the harmony and peace that come with the acceptance of things as they are.