43 apt.

Type: Apartment Location: Marseille, France Area: 70 sq.m. Project year: 2018
The apartment is located in the Pannier quarter, in an ancient building that was built in the nineteenth century. We preserved the existing decorations and supported the idea of internal shutters, as an element of the facade design. The interior is divided into a public and a private space. The public area includes a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a storage. We choose the brightest part of the apartment to arrange this space. The large area is formed by a fireplace and a dining area, where it is possible to spend all the free time with friends or to enjoy music. There is no TV in this apartment because the owner pays much attention to reading and communicating with friends. The private area includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe. Two important parts of the interior are the classic background and the integrated technological and modern volumes. We found furniture and lighting items in different European cities. Every item was chosen individually. We combined different famous brands’ interior items and materials such as: Mukomelov, Silas Seandel , Jacques Quinet , Kofod-Larsen, Jacques Biny , Niels Moller, Vola, Inbani , Villeroy&Boch.