Forest modular house

Type: Private house Location: Ukraine Area: 114 sq.m. Project year: 2017
The main idea of this project, apart of direct commercial purpose and full autonomy, is the possibility of rapid construction and use of the module in any corner of the world. The engineering and technical part of the project was developed by us for optimal application throughout the world; this is engineering equipment and structural elements. We conducted a study of the local market of building materials and their history in accordance with the concept of sustainable development. As a result, we used secondary materials such as wood and clay, and also modern materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyurethane and vacuum insulation as the main building materials. The house is completely autonomous, uses the resources of wind, sun and earth. Heating is generated with using geothermal energy, and also a modernized system for transferring hot air from the fireplace. With a close disposition to the water, the house can generate drinking water. All engineering devices are integrated into one system. One house or at once several ones can be controlled with the help of a smartphone, and the self-learning climate system maintains an ideal temperature and humidity.